Friends of reading

Here at Library Solutions, we consider ourselves, first and last, to be friends of reading. We will do anything and everything to support teachers, families and learners to enjoy reading.

Nothing is too much trouble, no problem is without a solution and no barriers exist in terms of what we can offer. Therefore, if you do not see what you want in this website, we will of course design a service to meet your needs.

Why pick Library Solutions to work alongside you?

  • Save costs

    Our educational expertise enables us to support you to save capitation – why pay for expensive books, artefacts and class sets when we can provide it so much more cheaply for you?

  • Our commitment

    Our commitment to meeting the needs of all teachers, irrespective of what curriculum they follow or what context they work in, saves teacher time and stress- why worry about how to resource the curriculum when we can do that for you?

  • Fun and playful

    Our sense of fun and playfulness means that we can help to draw reluctant learners in to the world of reading.

  • Understanding of Ofsted

    Our understanding of Ofsted criteria means that we can support schools to address the issues of wider reading, reading for pleasure, stretch, challenge, independent learning and differentiation- to name but a few of Ofsted’s requirements.

  • Curriculum knowledge

    Our detailed understanding of the curriculum from Early Years to Year 13 means that we can meet even the most curious of learning demands.

  • A learning company

    Our commitment to learning means that we are a learning company and so are ever striving to outdo our previous excellent practice.

Last year we supplied over 50,000 resources to schools.

Our Services

You won’t find everything we do within these pages because we are always adding to our range. However, here is a quick guide as to some of the services we do provide. All of our products and services are completely bespoke.

Curriculum Boxes

Our resource boxes contain all of the resources a classroom teacher requires to stimulate, inform and engage.

Artefacts boxes

Our artefacts boxes contain a wealth of artefacts. If we don’t have the artefacts you require, we will replace with other resources.

Story sacks

KS1 and KS2

Bilingual boxes

We can provide books in a range of languages.

Author boxes

These popular collections enable teachers to explore significant writers in great depth.

Story telling sessions

Our fun and interactive story telling sessions are suitable for a range of age groups.

Book Quizzes

We provide a huge range of book quizzes to suit the needs of your pupils.

Parent events

We can design a range of interactive and informative workshops for parents

Junior Librarian Training

We can train up to eight junior librarians at any one time

Library Audits

This very popular editing service provides a full report on gaps and strengths within provision

Personal Shopper

Let us buy books on your behalf- saving you time and money

E learning Platform

No room for a library? Then subscribe to our E learning Platform- the biggest and best in the region.

Lend a library

Let us provide you with a whole library full of books at a very reasonable rate

Library Makeovers

Our graphic designer can lift your library into another dimension of attractiveness, all the better to hook eager learners into reading

Library Re-design

Our bespoke design service can make the best of even the tiniest spaces

Loan a librarian

Want a librarian but can’t afford to employ one? Then borrow one of our expert librarians for the time slots you require

Teacher CPD

Our networks are full of informative, expert and fun advice.



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